Hawaiian Koa Cut Offs - Medium Box (MFRB)

This material is dry and ready to use. These smaller pieces are ideal for jewelry, inlay, and intarsia. Some pieces may have bark edges, and are generally irregular in shape and thickness. Sizes can typically range anywhere from 1/8" to 3/4" in thickness, 3/4" and up in width, and 2" and longer in length. Checks or other natural defects may be present. A great use for the sawdust left over from working this beautiful Hawaiian wood is for smoking meats as native Hawaiians have done for centuries. ***NOTICE: The cut off boxes are sold by volume, not weight. Weight listed is an approximate ship weight, not product weight. The actual weight of your package will vary depending on the attributes of the pieces included in the box. Box contents will NOT be puzzle stacked.
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Hawaiian Koa