Myrtle Jumbo Guitar Set

INCLUDES 1 SET. This stunning Myrtle Guitar set includes back and sides which fit a Gibson Jumbo guitar. The sets are rough (they are sanded in the photo so you can see the grain). Dry and ready to use, these Myrtle sets are a high quality choice for superior tonal quality. These are the same sets that we sell to high end, custom guitar manufacturers to build the best guitars on the market. A slight twist or cup may be present but will sand flat. A small pin knot may be present outside of the template area on the backs only. Color ranges greatly from piece to piece. No two sets are the same and hand selecting is not an option for this product. All sets are high quality. The minimum sizes are: 23" x 9" x 7/32" (Back) and 32" x 5" x 5/32" (Sides).

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