Quartered Figured Makore Veneer Sheet (20-1/2" x 11-5/8")

This African hardwood is also commonly known as African Cherry, yielding a finished product with rich red hue with pink undertones & golden colors. It has a high silica content in it so it is not the best for machinability but it is worth the effort due to its beauty. One of the contributing factors to its often present mottled figure and chatoyant shimmer is its interlocked grain. Africa. Tieghemella heckelii. Size of piece may be bigger than listed to account for any end or edge checks present. These were sliced off of the mill wet at 1/32”, but minor shrinkage sometimes occurs during drying, yielding pieces that are thinner than 1/32”. This material is dry. May not be perfectly flat due to the nature of figured veneer. The sheet is sliced at 1/32" thick but due to shrinkage, the sheets will be thinner than listed. 1 VENEER INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.
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