Black Palm (18" x 3/4" x 3/4")

Palm is the only family in the monocot order. The wood is basically a bundle of small straws that are fibrous. Asian Black Palm is durable and hard with the black fibers densely packed together and surrounded by lighter colored less dense material. The end grain shows the black bundles crowded together like the end of a steel cable. There are not any growth rings visible in Palm wood. Our Asian Black Palm takes a fine polish and is commonly used for walking sticks, handles, picture frames, boxes and more. Our stock is dried and generally surfaced on two sides or more. Wax sealed ends are common. Unique color patterns, contrasting black with rich golden brown. Surfaced on four sides. This is unique species from Ecuador is difficult to work with but can yield amazing results! This is the densest of all palm species in the world, making it the easiest of all the palm species to work with. Dry and ready to use.
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Black Palm