The Benefits of Choosing Afromosia for Furniture

The Benefits of Choosing Afromosia for Furniture

African teak, or afromosia is a practical alternative to the more upmarket teak for all your wooden décor needs. As minimalist furniture and ornaments become increasingly popular, the demand for high-quality wood slabs also increases. This type of lumber is from Africa, and it much resembles the Burmese teak wood.

Recently, there has been a rise in the demand for afromosia because of its qualities and potentials. Here are the benefits that you can get from choosing this solid lumber for furniture:


Afromosia has the same golden-brown color as Burmese teak and an almost identical grain. If you have design plans in mind that involve the more expensive teak, then this is a suitable replacement because they almost look the same and have similar characteristics as well. It’s important to note, however, that afromosia is sensitive to light and it will patina over time, while Burmese teak will not. Also, it has a slightly matte finish as compared to the more polished-looking teak wood.

Cost and Availability

Afromosia is half the price of the more expensive type of teak wood. Also, more popular exotic wood prices go up because of their rarity. Can you imagine the design opportunities that you can make if you have a more affordable and available alternative?


Afromosia has a higher hardness level than the more expensive teak wood. It’s water-resistant and also very stable against natural elements. It’s a sensible choice for flooring, wood slab doors, and trimming materials.

At the moment, the African teak is still within the more affordable range of high-quality lumber. Since the demand for it is on the rise, expect lumber and finished products made of afromosia to go up in price as well. It’s a promising investment that can potentially earn you more value in time.

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