Monterillo Rosewood

Monterillo Rosewood

Jacaranda Pardo is a South American wood sometimes called Bolivian Rosewood or Pau Ferro. Our stock is from the Northern variety and exhibits dark stripes through a dark tan that resembles Striped Ebony versus the Southern variety that visually resembles Brazilian Rosewood. The wood is dense (heavier than Brazilian & East Indian Rosewood), closed grain and non-porous. It is beautiful to finish. Note that a small percentage of the population is allergic to this wood.

This beautiful, high grade, variegated Monterillo Rosewood has chocolate browns and golden tones with variegated black interwoven lines.  Though not a true Rosewood, it has the look and feel of a true Rosewood. International customers will appreciate that this species can be shipped overseas!  It been carefully kiln dried and is surfaced smooth on two sides.  Edges have bandsaw cut marks; pieces may have an occasional small pin or bug hole but most are clean. Select pieces would be good for acoustic instruments. You’ll want to pick up a piece of this exceptional stock. 

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