Jacaranda Pardo

Jacaranda Pardo

Jacaranda pardo is known by many common names which include Jacaranda amarello, Jacaranda do cerrado, Jacaranda do matom, Jacaranda escuro, Jacaranda pardo, Jacaranda paulista, Jacaranda pedra, and Jacaranda roxo. It is also called Brazilian Ironwood and can be used as an Ebony substitute for guitar fingerboards. Scientific name is Machaerium villosum.

This is a unique hardwood lumber from the Central to Southern East Coast of Brazil. It is dense and able to take a fine smooth polish. A favorite for all makers of fancy articles from turned items to musical instruments to cabinets, colors are generally reddish with rich brown and contrasting sapwood on the edges of large wide blanks and boards.

Trees are generally 20-35 in diameter with a few of them up to 40 in diameter. They are seldom taller than 90 and may have a clear trunk that is up to 60 before its first limbs in the forest canopy. The stump is buttressed and is interesting to look at. Flowers are purple and sweet smelling.The wood is very close in color, density, working properties, and tonal quality to the revered Brazilian Rosewood. This has allowed Jacaranda pardo to slide in as a natural replacement of Brazilian Rosewood. The grain is somewhat coarse and fibrous.There is no discernible smell.

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