Curly Pyinma - Truly Amazing Exotic Wood !

Curly Pyinma - Truly Amazing Exotic Wood !

This Tuesday in our turning special, we're going to be offering one of the most amazing woods I've ever seen. The depth of the iridescence and luster of this wood is utterly astonishing. In 14 years of being around exotic woods, it is truly the most amazing depth I have seen; it almost feels as if you can see "into" the piece of wood. And the perks don't stop there. The wood is exceptionally smooth to the touch when finished and works easily; it's a great turning wood and sands nicely.

Curly Pyinma is from Southeast Asia. It has also been called Asian Satinwood on the US Market. This tree also produces un-figured stock that is used for cabinets, floors, and other projects in Asia. Stable in service with darker colors than Eastern Maples. Susceptible to surface checks and pin holes before drying. Excellent for pool cues, knives, duck calls, and pen stock.

We're going to have huge sizes such as 9 x 9 x 3" all of the way down to pen blanks. This is truly the best shipment we've ever gotten of this wood!

Don't miss it this Tuesday September 25th - you'll see it on this page link around 1:00 pm Pacific Time: TURNING SPECIAL

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