Burls Are Wonderful!

Burls Are Wonderful!


At Cook Woods, we pride ourselves on providing the very best. That's why burls are always in our repertoire. From Redwood Burl, Buckeye Burl and Walnut Burl to Camphor Burl and more, you'll find a lot to choose from at Cook Woods. 

Did you know that burls are commonly dug up from underground? They are caused by stress to the tree in which the tree has had some form of injury or sickness. As you've probably seen, burls yield an exquisite pattern unmatched in any other type of wood pattern! They commonly manifest in small dots or circular patterns that can either be wide (approximately the size of a quarter) to very tiny (the size of a pinpoint). No matter how it manifests, burl is always very beautiful.

We like to purchase burls that have been salvaged. We often find orchards that have stopped producing and harvest the burls from the downed trees after the orchard has stopped production and is looking to clear the land. In this way, we can often provide burls that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Harvesting a burl can be interesting. Since it comes from underground, it's covered in mud, rocks, and sometimes thick clay. Pressure washing a burl is not for the faint of heart. Once we get the burl to our mill, we often hit clay pockets and rocks. But all of this effort is well worth the reward.

Burl wood can either be somewhat soft and porous like Buckeye Burl, Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, or Redwood Burl or it can be quite dense like Claro Walnut Burl, Amboyna Burl, orOregon Myrtlewood Burl. No matter the density, it is always aesthetically similar with its twisted and interlocked grain and prominent patterns.

Burls are often sliced into veneer commercially but we prefer to use our mill to provide table top slabs, turning blanks, and lumber for high end woodworkers looking to add a fine touch to their gallery grade pieces.

Burls have high value and will add a touch of class to your work. Try out a new one today!

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