Brazilian Pau Amarello: Largest Turning Sizes in the USA
Once again, Cook Woods has brought you the largest and the best Yellowheart (Pau Amarello) in North America! These were all cut from an exceptionally large tree with pristine color! This is not dull yellow color like what is prevalent on the market. This is bright, vivid yellow!

Yellowheart (Euxylophora paraensis or common name Pau Amarello) grows on Brazil's Eastern coastline from the equator South to Rio. The color in the heartwood is a pronounced vivid yellow with creamy white sapwood. There is striping if one looks closely at the grain between the rings. It is also called Brazilian Satinwood for the iridescent ribbon figure that is in quarter sawn stock. The wood is smooth to the touch and works and polishes nicely for turners and box makers.

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