Collection: Zapote

Known as Chico Zapote in the Yucatan, this larger than average rainforest tree grows to a height of 60-85 feet and a diameter of 20-30". First logs are up to 30 to 40 feet to the first limb. The trunks have interesting machete cross hatching on all of them because the resin from the trunk of this tree is collected to make "Chiclets gum". A synthetic gum is now used but there is still a demand from the Japanese for the real Chiclets resin. The tree also produces a tasty, sweet fruit which is used for anything from ice cream to beverages. As a result of the scarification of the bark, there are interesting patterns on some boards. Typical boards have Maroon red heartwood with a creamy white sapwood. Zapote is difficult to work with a strong tendency to check when freshly cut. Our stock is air dried for up to 5 years! Southeastern Mexico.
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