Collection: Zambezi Teak

Zambezi Teak, Baikiaea plurijuga, is largely from Zimbabwe (previously Rhodesia) and other South African countries. This hardwood is a rarity as it is hardly ever exported out of Africa and is considered uncommon on the North American woodworking market. It is dense, with interlocked grain and medium red-brown colored heartwood interspersed with occasional darker streaks. The sapwood ranges from pale pink to yellow. It can be difficult to mill Zambezi Teak due to cutter resistance and its high silica content, though the wood is stable in service and glues well. A high natural polish is possible in turned articles. Common uses include veneer, cabinets, fret boards, turned articles, flooring, and just about any other woodworking project you have in mind. Although not a true a Teak, this is denser than traditional Teak and is very resistant to rot.
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