Tuesday Turning Special!

Collection: Wilga

Wilga, Geijera parviflora, is a shrub or a small Eastern Australian tree that grows up to a height of 25 - 32 ft. tall with diameters of 6 to 20 inches and produces a small, black, circular fruit. Common names include Australian Willow, Native Willow, Sheepbush and Dogwood. Sheep commonly forage on the lower limbs of the tree. Wilga leaves produce a strong smell when crushed and were traditionally chewed by Aborigines who used them to alleviate toothaches. The Wilga tree produces a fine, closed grained hardwood that is dense and durable. It works well with sharp tools, taking a high, smooth natural polish. Some blunting of tools is possible and the wood is somewhat difficult to dry. Fiddleback sometimes shows on quartersawn faces. Beautiful, contrasting color is often present between the growth rings in shades of pinkish red to faint yellow with hints of brown. This species is ideal for woodturning, knife scales, fine boxes, and many other woodworking projects.