Collection: Walnut, Peruvian

Peruvian Walnut, Juglans neotropica, is a Central/South American hardwood that tends to be darker than the walnut coming from North America or Europe, with a deep chocolate brown color. The wood will sometimes have a purplish hue, and may also contain streaks of lighter-colored wood mixed throughout the heartwood. The grain has a medium to coarse texture with medium-sized pores which may require filling for a smooth finish. A sanding sealer will do a nice job with this. The grain in Peruvian Walnut is usually straight, but can be irregular. Grain patterns and figuring such as curl seem to be much less common in the tropical species than in the temperate walnut species. This hardwood is typically easy to work, provided the grain is straight and regular. Planer tear-out can sometimes be a problem for woodworkers when surfacing pieces with irregular or figured grain. For best results, use a helical planer cutter head or a drum / belt sander. The wood glues, stains, and finishes well. A faint, mild odor is present when being worked that is similar to Black Walnut. Peruvian Walnut may generate allergic reactions in some people. Usually most common reactions simply include eye and skin irritation. Use proper protection as with all species of woods. Common uses include: furniture, cabinetry, veneers, flooring, musical instruments, and fancy boxes. The natural luster in this beautiful wood makes woodworking projects stand out.
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