Collection: Pheasantwood

Pheasantwood, also known as Thailand cassia or Senna siamea, is a rare species of hardwood (scientific name: Cassia siamea), named after the black and golden figured patterns of a pheasant's tail feathers. The flat or slab sawn face shows the most finely defined patterns with contrasting golden and black streaks. Pheasant wood is a very close color and grain match to Desert Ironwood. It is excellent for fine articles such as boxes, pens, and more. It polishes easily and will reflect light with only a light sanding from 150 grit sand paper. Intense color reflections can be achieved with 320 grit and finer. Usually grown as an ornamental tree for showy flowers, this species is more difficult to obtain than Ebony and is a cherished wood from the Hawaiians to the South East Asians. This is an extremely rare wood is from the same forests that our Black & White and Mun Ebony are from in Laos. Once used in your project, you will be thrilled with the iridescence and fine grain that this wood produces.
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