Collection: Ohia

Hawaiian Ohia, Metrosideros spp., is a Hawaiian hardwood that can also be called Pacific Rosewood. Beautiful ribbon figure is common in this species. Ohia trees grow to heights of 60-100 ft. with diameters of 2-3 ft.;some can reach as large as 4 ft. in diameter. They are found in the tropical areas of the Hawaiian islands. Though the wood is generally considered difficult to work because of interlocked grain and high density, the amazingly high polish that can be obtained makes it well worth any extra effort. The wood grain has medium to large, open grain pores. Specific gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .70, .91. Janka hardness: 2,040. Colors are rich and warm, ranging from red-brown to light brown with dark gray hues. Ohia is an ideal hardwood for flooring, woodturning, boxes, cabinets, furniture, and other fine woodworking applications.
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