Collection: Manzanita Burl

Manzanita burl is a small and stunning burl with incredible grain patterns and rich red and pink colors. It oxidizes over time to a rich reddish brown. This small burl can produce small bowls, bottle stoppers, knife scales, and pen blanks, as well as many artistic pieces. There are natural bark incursions, voids, and other rustic characteristics. All turned items need to be sealed in epoxy or tongue oil as they are being worked and when they are finished. We recommend that you turn this wood before it dries out as it turns much easier when it is wet. Dirt, rocks, and wood chunks may come off when turned so keep the rotation speed low to reduce this possibility. Use a full face visor and all other machine safety guards and all personal protective equipment. Though this wood can be a challenge, it is well worth the effort!

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