Collection: Mansonia

Mansonia, Mansonia altissima, is a medium sized hardwood from tropical West Africa. Trees grow from 95 to 125 feet with diameters of 2-3 feet. The specific gravity of this exotic hardwood ranges from .54 to .66 at 12% moisture content. The heartwood is a golden to medium brown with some gray, black & yellow accents. Yellowish white sapwood is cleary demarcated from the darker heartwood. The grain in Mansonia wood can be interlocked but is usually straight. It has medium, uniform texture. Respirators and skin protection need to be used with this species as it is a sensitizer and may cause eye and skin irritation and other effects. The wood is easy to work with hand and power tools. It turns, finishes, and glues well. This hardwood is commonly used for veneer, fine boxes, furniture, turned articles, and boat building.
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