Collection: Leadwood

African Leadwood, Combretum imberbe, is an exotic wood species that is not often available on the US market. Leadwood trees grow from 25 to 60 feet tall with 12-24 inch diameter trunks. The wood is very dense and durable with a density ranging from .96 all the way up to 1.22. Due to this extreme density, sharp blades are needed; however it's well worth the effort as an exquisitely high polish can be obtained when using this wood for woodturning. Finishing this wood in general is a pleasure, due to its smooth texture. Gluing and finishing Leadwood can be challenging. This hard and heavy hardwood's name is derived from the heartwood, which generally has the grayish colors associated with lead, not to mention its heavy nature. Leadwood has an open grain structure. The wood is suitable for boxes, woodturning articles, furniture, and other specialized woodworking projects.
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