Collection: Kiaat

African Kiaat wood, Pterocarpus angolensis, is comercially known as Kiaat, Wild Teak, Mukwa, or Muninga. This deciduous tree grows in South Africa north to the Congo with heights of 45-55 feet. Its blood-red sap, that is released when the wood is cut, has also given it the name "bloodwood". The wood does not swell or shrink readily, making it a great hardwood for canoes. It has wonderful stability in service, even in climate changes, and is durable and resistant to insect attacks. Kiaat shares the same genus "Pterocarpus" as Padauk wood. The grain is interlocked with medium to coarse texture. Woodworkers will appreciate its ease in working, though tools may be somewhat dulled during the woodworking process.  Kiaat wood has a spicy & pleasing fragrance. It glues well, polishes nicely, stains and finishes well, and is excellent for furniture making. Other common woodworking projects in Kiaat wood are curios, implements, boxes, carvings, and turned articles. There are several hand-carved Kiaat giraffes, up to 13 feet tall, gracing the Cook Woods' office!

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