Collection: Hackberry

Hackberry, Celtis occidentalis, is a medium-size deciduous tree native to North America. Also known as the Nettletree or Beaverwood, it is a moderately long-lived hardwood with a combination of light yellowish gray, light brown color and yellow streaks. The leaves are distinctly asymmetrical and coarse-textured; the cork-like bark has wart-like protuberances. The Hackberry tree produces small berries that turn orange-red to dark purple in the autumn, often staying on the trees for several months. Some Hackberry wood produces striking black lines that provide stunning contrast that looks similar to spalting. It is not truly spalted as the name implies, but looks very similar to spalting in other species so this term is the most easily understood for describing the black veins that run through the wood. This closed grain wood is ideal for many woodworking projects.
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