Collection: Etimoe

African Etimoe, Copaifera salikounda, is a large tropical African tree that grows to a height of up to 160 ft. More common heights are up to 90-100 ft with diameters of 3-5 ft. The average dried weight of this hardwood is 47 pounds per cubic foot. Etimoe wood has a rich reddish brown hue with darker streaks present in fancier boards. Figure can also be present. The sapwood is a pale yellow when present. A pleasant fragrance (similar to Peroba Rosa) makes working this species an extra delight. In fact, Etimoe is used as a perfume in Africa. Woodworkers will appreciate the easy workability and finish that are attainable when working this wood. Resin has a tendency to plug sandpaper pores, but the overall easy workability of this wood makes it well worthwhile to deal with this minor inconvenience. Add a little something new to your woodworking with this unique find.
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