Collection: Curatinga Rosewood

Commercial names include: Curatinga rosewood, Para rosewood, Pink Maca, Guayacan trebol, Jacaranda do brejo, Koenatepi, Trebal and Coyote wood. Scientific name: Platymiscium polystachyum. Common uses for this fine hardwood include: Pool cues, Cabinets, Decorative veneer, Fine furniture, Musical instruments , Turnery, Violin bows, Jewelry boxes, Chairs, Chests, Humidors, Drum sticks, Pianos, Sound boards, Picture frames, Parasol handles and more! Curatinga Rosewood generally grows in Central to Northern South America. Trees grow to heights of 80 feet with trunk diameters of 24-36''. Trees develop buttressed bases and then straight and well-formed boles, that are often clear 60 feet until the crown of the tree. The grain is straight to ribbony, often displaying interesting colors and patterns. It has medium to fine texture that machines nicely & takes finish well though a sanding sealer helps to get a glassy smooth surface. Colors range from red, orange, pink, and purple to warm brown. 


Ships to USA only due to Cites regulations.

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