Collection: Cerejeira

Cerejeira, Amburana cearensis, is a rare exotic hardwood that is native to Brazil and Bolivia. On occasion it is sold under the name Amburana, the genus of its scientific name. This beautiful wood is most often cut into veneer and lumber. Cerejeira has similar working properties to Mahogany. It machines and dries easily, turns well, glues well, and finishes to a nice polish with a lustrous, iridescent shimmer. The nice natural luster is due in part to the slightly oily character of the wood. Usually the grain is interlocked. The texture is coarse. Mottled or ribbon striped figure can show on quarter sawn faces. The sweet aroma of this species makes it a pleasure to work and can be smelled even through wax! Enjoy working this unusual hardwood species and add something unique and new to your next woodworking project.

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