Collection: Carob

Carob, Ceratonia siliqua, is a lovely, ancient hardwood from the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, and Northwestern Africa. Carob trees are small, only growing to a height of 45-50 ft. with diameters of 2-3 ft. Older trees generally have hollow trunks. The tree grows a spiral bean pod that is 4-8" long and is mentioned in the Bible in Luke 15:16. When ripe and dried, this pod produces a powder which was popular in the 1970s as a health food alternative to chocolate. Carob chips and snacks can still be found on the food market. Another interesting fact from this time-honoured species is the origin of the term "carat" that comes from its bean pod. The uniform weight of the carob seeds determined the weight of one "carat". The gem market owes much to this renowned tree. Carob wood is easy to work and sand. It takes a high, smooth polish and dries well. Uses include boxes, pens, tables, bowls, and other fine woodworking articles.
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