Collection: Cambodian Ormosia

Cambodian Ormosia, a Southeast Asian hardwood rich in contrast, is planted or left as an ornamental in Southeast Asia where it is native. The trees grow to a height of 60-75 feet tall and have trunks that range from 12-24” in diameter with some larger. Trunks can sometimes swell at ground level up to about chest height. Cambodian Ormosia trees produce a red colored seed that has that appearance of a horses eye. These are sometimes used for decorative jewelry. Ormosia lumber is strong with somewhat coarse grain and is mostly used for furniture. Colors range from golden straw to dark browns with black variegations randomly covering decorative boards. The wood is susceptible to checking when drying, usually on the ends of boards, if not wax sealed. The grain is open with large pores that look similar to surface checks, though they are not. This unusual hardwood species is ideal for your next unique woodworking project!

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