Zero Cost Shipping Again: Wide Rosewood, Wonderful Price

Zero Cost Shipping Again: Wide Rosewood, Wonderful Price

BolivianRosewood(Macherium scleroxylon) shares many characteristics of true rosewoods including its colors, working properties and density. Colors range fromviolet streaks tocoffee browns and black.Thetreesgrow in Boliviaand some of thesurroundingCountries. Logs are small and usually only produceumber 3-6" wide.Only asmall percentageof logs are large enough to cut high quality wide boards (boards 8 are considered wide for this species).Bolivian Rosewood makes a nice choice foracoustic and electric guitars but is also used for anything from high end veneers for corporate jets to jewelry boxes and everything in between.Other common names are Pau Ferro, SantosRosewood,Morado, and others. The large Brazil nut is produced by this important tree as well.

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