XF Variegated Marblewood Lumber

XF Variegated Marblewood Lumber

Figured Marblewood, scientific name Marmaroxylon racemosum, is from Northeastern South America. Trees are typically 65-100 feet tall with a maximum base diameter of 2 feet.Heartwood is a yellow to golden brown, with irregular brown, purple, or black streaks. Sapwood is paler than the heartwood, and is a solid yellowish color lacking contrasting streaks: usually up to about 1 thick. The grain tends to be straight or slightly interlocked; texture is medium with open pores. The high contrast between the golden body and the much darker streaks give it an appearance somewhat similar to natural marble, hence the common name of Marblewood for this species. Marblewoods overall appearance is very similar toAfrican Zebrawoodalthough Marblewood tends to have afiner texture. Common uses for Marblewood include: flooring, sliced veneer, turned articles, cabinetry, gallery furniture, and fine woodworking.

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