XF Claro Walnut Burl

XF Claro Walnut Burl

Claro WalnutBurl (Juglans nigra hindsi) is a unique Walnut species that grows right around the area where Cook Woods is located. Combining beautiful violet andbrownish black streaks with wild figured burl eyes, Claro walnutburl is favored for high endveneer for cars, jets, turned articles, and exquisite jewelry boxes. Most of the supply originates in orchards as either production walnut trees or wind row trees to slow the wind and show property lines. ClaroWalnut Burl is a beautiful wood that is in high demand and short supply. It is dense but works and finishes well with the use of a grain sealer. The wood in this special is freshly cut and wax sealed. Some of the blanks have lost 10-20% of their original moisture. It dries well once it is rough turned and then allowed to slowly dry for about a month with a paper bag over it. The wood can be kept in the wax until you are ready to turn it as the wax allows it to dry slowly.The wax is there to protect the wood. If allowed to dry & season without being turned, expect some shrinkage and possible checking that usually will turn away. Some bark incursions are present on some blanks if we feel they will turn off while shaping a bowl or peppermill.Please note that blanks have 90% to 100% heartwood (dark color). Quarter sawn blanks show figure on the edges and not the faces and are ideal for cutting knife scales and pistol grips. We produce tens of thousands of these yearly; these are stunning blanks!

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