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Why Invest in Burl Wall Art Accents Live Wood Edge


Burl wall art accents with live edge wood are exciting furniture pieces that take advantage of wood’s natural features. This unique form of wood accents and furniture-making can reveal what wood slabs undergo throughout their lifespan. Each ring or spot speaks of the things that a chunk of wood has experienced throughout the years. Tree slabs capture promising years, drought or distress in its markings.

Burl Wood

Burl wood art is an eye-catching feature if you want to add visual interest to a section of your home. From your table slabs, occasional chairs, to the headboards of your beds, you cannot go wrong with an ethically-sourced and natural-looking piece that is both unique and beautiful. The possibilities for creating interesting pieces of furniture from burl wood are limitless.

Live Wood Edge

Buying accents and furniture from reclaimed slab woods is also a sustainable way to improve the value of your home. Live wood edge can be incorporated in counters, vanities, consoles, tables, and mantels, and may also be used to frame mirrors and other furniture pieces. If you want rustic designs, live wood edge furniture is unassuming, but the color and grain of the slabs, as well as the artistic representation, will speak volumes. Also, high-quality wood becomes more beautiful and valuable over time.

Inspirations for Furniture and Accents

There are many ways you can use a felled tree for turning. Many artists and furniture designers love to work with green wood. The fresher, the better. The reason for this is that it is initially easy to form. However, dry the wood too quickly, and it will crack. You need a skilled artisan to execute your design if you have one in mind, especially if you plan on working with exotic wood.

Some of the things you can do with burl and live wood edge slabs aside from the usual dining tables and occasional chairs are cabinets, rustic executive desks, banisters, musical instruments, abstract sculptures, bowls, thin folding dividers, and wood slab doors. You may even use super thin slabs for creating unique pieces of accessories like stylistic paneling for bags. Live edge slabs and burl are flexible mediums for all types of artists. The best things you can get about using reclaimed wood for art are its sustainability and natural beauty.

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