When and Why Using Wood Blanks Is a Good Idea
Woodworking is a beautiful medium of art. If this is something that you are engaged in, you will appreciate our great tips to help you get the most of your time and materials.

Here at Cook Woods, we specialize in exotic woods and love sharing our inventory via wood blanks. The following is a list of just some of the benefits of using this kind of material for your woodworking projects.

  • Can be purchased in bulk: If you are hoping to make many similar items to sell, then we highly suggest ordering wood blanks. While every piece will have a different look with the infinite options of wood grain dynamics, they will all be similar enough that you can create a large supply of items.

  • Is an easy shape to work with: We have wood blanks in various sizes for just about any project you might want to try. Bowls, knife handles, pens, instruments, and an array of other items are ready to be carved out of our quality blanks.

  • Lets you chose from many kinds of wood: Once you know the shape and size of blank you want, you can peruse our extensive list of exotic woods. Purchasing the same size of blanks in different woods will allow you to create some elegant variety in your own inventory.

  • Makes for inexpensive shipping: The less weight we have to ship, the less you will have to pay. Using wood blanks as your wooden art canvas is a good way to minimize wasted wood. These shapes will be close to the exact size you need, which means there will be less wood cut and molded away from each piece. This is good for your wallet and the planet.

It's not hard to see why we are excited about our wood blanks. If this seems like something that would benefit you in your woodworking projects, then check out our weekly wood blank specials today!

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