What People are saying about us

What People are saying about us

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

"I just wanted to say, I think you guys are awesome. I ordered a piece of purple heart a little while back, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the product. Your website operates unlike any other site I've seen on the net. It feels so personal. I love the fact that I can see the exact board I am purchasing. And, your selection is quality and epic. I really can't wait to order more from you, I will never shop anywhere else. " Thank you. Anthony Formosa

"Good Morning. I just purchased some Makore Veneer for a project a friend and I are going to do. I just wanted to say your service was the best I have received in a long time, thank you very much, and the veneer is better than I was expecting. It is refreshing to have a great experience with a purchase, keep up the great job and have a great New Year." Sincerely, John Howarth

"I really enjoy seeing some of the actual tree that you cut up in the photos on the blog!! (and the info about how that wood acts and must be carefully cut and kiln dried to make it a product for us to use). It really adds to the experience and the joy of seeing and working with the wood. The write-ups with the specials and the woods are awesome! Excellent job! I know you and your husband own this company, I am very glad that you are both hands on and very involved. That says a lot to me and really gives it the personal touch. Thank you for asking me personally if you could use my comments, It means and says a lot! Feel free to use these comments as well, they are honestly how I feel. It is amazing the progress that you have made in about a decade and it is very interesting how you work through the economic times (productive equipment and meeting/adapting to customer needs/satisfaction) Pictures of all the actual pieces for sale is a lot of work and time consuming, but it makes the difference in my shopping experience. I also appreciate a reference number on each piece of wood, so that I can easily identify that piece when I look at my invoice!! Thank you! The bi-weekly sales keep me on the constant lookout for new wood and learning more about the wood. Thank you for taking the time to do all that. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the business and how you adapt/make changes as is needed. Very interesting and again it gives the personal touch. Thanks again for the refund on the shipping, you have done that before for me and it is greatly appreciated and shows your honesty! It is apparent that you and your husband put a lot of time and effort into your business. I am certain it has taken a lot of guts, courage, tough decisions and time. I hope it leads to great satisfaction for you both. Thank you and all those that work for you and with you, Looks to me like a great team. Ardan Huck

"Hi Cook Woods, I just wanted to say thanks for the great woods I received from you via my clearance purchase this past week. Ive done a lot of shopping with you over the years, always impressed, and your clearance merchandise was no exception. Great quality, thanks!" James Shimota

"Thank you and the entire team at Cook Woods for the sweepstakes prize. I've already taken advantage of the $200 gift certificate and had my parents pick up some pieces for me on their way home from California. The wood has arrived here and is every bit as attractive as depicted on your web site. Thank you again for providing the prize , and I will be stopping by the next time I am through Klamath Falls." Thank you. Mark Kornell, Kornell Wood Studio, Canada

"Cook Woods, I received the figured marble cake english walnut pen blanks on Saturday that replaced an earlier problem shipment. I would like to applaud your outstanding customer service in correcting my problem in a timely and professional manner. Your teams actions in sorting out my problem give new meaning to the phrase actions speak louder than words! As a previous customer on several occasions, your stance in placing the customer first, has renewed my faith in your company and I will recommend your top quality products and service to my friends and fellow woodworkers. Thanks and keep up the great work!" Tom

"I started buying wood from you folks way back since early 2004 - so yes, I am a multi-return customer close to a decade now. Product is always great, the communication is above and beyond and you folks ship really fast- could only imagine the load of business you folks handle day in and day out, but you seem to always get back to your customers in such a timely manner. That's impressive I would say. It is hard to find that service nowadays, but then again like I said before to you, at the end of the day "it is only wood and really what counts is the relationship you build with your vendors over time". Thank you as always and as much as you value me as being a return customer, I much value and respect what you do to provide us some of the finest woods in the planet and for your 5 STAR customer service/support." Respectfully yours, Arnold of Charleston SC

"I received the replacement blanks today and they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you once again for your commitment to extraordinary customer service." Regards, Norman Friedman

"My orders of Osage Orange and Claro Burl arrived yesterday. The Osage Orange looks great, and just like the picture. The Claro Burl, though, is absolutely incredible. I put a little naphtha on it and was blown away by the figure on top of figure on top of figure. Its the single most beautiful piece of wood Ive ever seenthe picture on the website didnt come close to doing it justice. So I just wanted to say thanks!" Sincerely, Jim

"You have always been so considerate of me in my efforts to produce objects of beauty in wood. It all starts with you: you know what they say "you can't make a satin glove out of a sow's ear". If I don't start with unique and beautiful, hand selected by the best and most discerning eyes in the business, pieces of wood I can't hope to make the objects beautiful. Those eyes belong to my friends at Cook Woods." Sincerely, Steve Sorenson

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