What Is Wood Turning?

What Is Wood Turning?

Developed thousands of years ago, wood turning is a useful and beautiful type of woodworking that can be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike. It doesn’t require many tools and can be used in a wide variety of projects. Here’s what you need to know about this popular craft.

Wood Turning

How Wood Turning Works

In wood turning, a piece of wood is secured onto a lathe, which is used to quickly rotate the wood. As it spins, the woodworker uses tools such as gouges and chisels to gently cut away at the turning wood to shape the wood and form a pattern of grooves. It’s relatively easy for beginners to get started and begin producing simple items, while advanced woodworkers can create more intricate designs.

What Wood Turning Is Used For

Wood turning is most commonly used for objects like chair legs and table legs. These long, thin pieces of wood are ideal for turning, and make excellent projects for beginners. However, wood turning can be used for many more projects, including bowls, vases, candle holders, birdhouses, and more.

Best Woods for Turning

Most turning is done with hardwoods, since soft woods tend to tear away too quickly as they are turned. Hardwoods also tend to hold up better over time, which is an important quality for items like chairs and tables that need to be strong and durable. Some of the most popular domestic hardwoods for turning include birch, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut. Exotic hardwoods are also popular for woodworking projects because of their distinct patterns and colors.

Getting Started in Wood Turning

It’s easiest to learn wood turning from another person, so check out local craft stores in your area to see if they offer demos or classes. You can also visit woodworking shows to get advice and see a wide variety of tools and finished projects. Once you know what types of projects you’re interested in, you can start picking out your basic equipment. Also, remember to use safety equipment like safety goggles, a face mask, and hearing protection, especially when spending a long period of time turning wood.  We can supply you easy beginner domestic woods or with more advanced blanks from our great exotic wood selection.


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