Violet Black Indian Rosewood ~ Works Easily, Buttery-Smooth Polish!
Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) is a beautiful wood with violet purple hues and dark streaks. Selling under the names of East Indian Rosewood, Sonokeling, and Indian Rosewood, this is a true rosewood that is superb for just about any application from cabinets, fine jewelry boxes, carvings, and turning to inlay. The wood holds its own in the musical instrument crowd as an exceptional tone wood that accounts for about 30% of sales out of the more than 25 species we offer for tone woods. East Indian Rosewood trees were once plentiful but are becoming less common. The wood is usually exported in small sizes including fingerboards, guitar backs and sides, and chair parts. This hardwood is a relative bargain for the amount of effort and time it requires to import.

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