Up to 40% Off Italian Olive Turning Blanks
This genuine Italian Olive (Oleo Europa) was cut from very large Italian Olive trees. It is an incredibly rare wood that is ideal for a range of projects from bowls, pepper mills, band sawn boxes and much, much more.  The fine, closed grain with superior alternating/contrasting color, interesting/swirling grain and figure truly set this wood apart. These blanks are 95% free of any defects. A small surface check, rough edge, or other minor blemish may be present in 5% of the pieces.  All of the blanks are freshly cut and wax sealed. We recommend twice turning this material, but if you’d like to wait to work the wood please keep it in a cool location with no wind or sun, checking it every few weeks for small checks or movement. We’ll be happy to talk with you more if you’d like more information about this process. This is all that we have of this high demand species!

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