Tulip Wood Coming Soon!

Tulip Wood Coming Soon!

Cook Woods will be offering large turning blanks and squares for our Tuesday turning special in the next couple of months. These are the largest sizes we have been able to procure in the last 5 years and will be available to you shortly!

Brazilian Tulip (Dalbergia decepularis) isa small almost shrub like true rosewood that grows in the Eastern Atlantic rainforest in and around Bahia. Trees are generally 25-40' talland 6" up to 12" diameter. There were once larger trees butare generallynot allowed to grow to maturity before harvesting.Tulipwood has been prized for fine woodworking for centuries and is generally cut into decorative veneer.Lumber and turning wood isused for cutlery, jewelry boxes, pens, pool cues, flutes,inlay, marquetry, finials, bowls, spindles, duck calls, and other fine articles. Lumber and turning wood is scarce on the World marketas most is cut into veneer.

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