Tri-Color Marbled African Padauk, Looks just like Bacon

Tri-Color Marbled African Padauk, Looks just like Bacon

African Padauk, Pterocarpus soyauxii, is a unique open grained hardwood from Africa that has a bright Vermillion color. This particular lumber was cut from an incredible tree with unbelievable colors and marbling. It is truly a one-of-a-kind. There will never be another log like this again. There are several book matched sets available that are perfect for end tables, electric guitars, and more.

The lumber kiln dried, surfaced on two sides and is 95% free of defects except for a minor rough edge or small surface check. The majority of these boards are quarter and rift sawn which produces a beautiful ribboned figure from interlocked grain. Padauk is easy to mill, glue, and work. It is ideal for boxes, cabinets, instruments, and other fine articles. For making pens we suggest buying a 4-5 wide board and then angle cutting it at about a 45 degree angle to capture the color changes This is related to Amboyna burl (Pterocarpus indicus) from SE Asia and has similar colors when worked. We have a very limited amount of this material. Please purchase quickly to ensure the very best selection possible.

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