Trends in Slab Edge Wood

Trends in Slab Edge Wood

For you as a Homeowner or as an Interior Decorator or Architectural Designer, it’s important to have a unique touch to your home décor that makes it stand out from the rest. Nowadays, many people are turning to wood slab furniture to give their place an organic yet modern look. Keep reading to find out more about the current trends in wood slab furniture.

The Beauty of Live Edge Slabs

You’ve probably heard of the term “live edge” before if you’ve been to modern furniture stores or binge-watched home improvement shows. “Live edge” refers to wood that is milled into thick slabs but not edged, leaving the natural edge untouched. Many types of furniture can be made from this wood, such as desks, board room tables, bar and counter tops, shelves, and dining and coffee tables. In addition to these essential home items, there has been a rising trend of using wood slabs to create other kinds of furnishings. Some homeowners are taking on different projects like creating benches and bookcases, to even using these distinctive wood slabs for doors. Live edge wood’s appeal in other areas stems from the uniqueness of each piece, and the rustic but chic polarity it gives to contemporary homes.

Unique Style

When considering the overall design of different rooms of your home, restaurant, or business, live edge wood items can create a pleasant clash of styles. And, since every piece is unique, each room where you choose to use wood slabs will have its own flair. Modern living rooms featuring wood slabs enjoy the contrast created by combining rough wood slab pieces with contemporary furnishings. For example, homeowners and interior designers suggest partnering a wood slab coffee or accent table with a modern sofa. This visual dichotomy is a rising trend in the design world.

If you’re looking for a fusion of contemporary with an organic touch, consider wood slab furniture or wood slab doors. These one-of-a-kind pieces will surely stand out in your place.


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