Today’s Temptation… Leopardwood Turning Blanks

Today’s Temptation… Leopardwood Turning Blanks

Despite being from Brazil and not from Australia, Brazilian Lacewood or Leopardwood (Roupala Brasilences) is still dubbed "Lacewood" due to the medullary rays that are similar to traditional Lacewood. Brazilian Lacewood has wider and thicker medullary rays than Australian stock which allows more lumber to show the quarter sawn flecking when it is slightly off quarter.  The wood turns well and takes a high natural polish.  If you are apprehensive about working with exotic hardwoods, this is a great species to start with! It’s a great selection for accent wood in boxes and more. Blanks may have a slight rough edge or small 1” surface check but are 97% free of any defects. Quarter sawn pieces show the best figure, however quarter to rift sawn boards also have intricate smaller flecks. Both of these look wonderful! Generally these blanks are a mixture of the two. This is some of the highest quality Lacewood/Leopardwood we’ve had in a very long time due to the intricately patterned medullary rays!  There are some great blanks with exceptional figure in large and thick sizes.

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