Timborana Turning Special

Timborana Turning Special

Timborana Turning 4-18-17

Timborana, Piptadenia spp. is a beautiful South American hardwood with specific gravity of .80. Grain tends to be interlocked and/or wavy. Regularly spaced large open pores give a coarse but even texture. Timborana has a fairly high blunting effect on cutters due to its silica content. It is also somewhat difficult to surface, owing to its interlocked grain and density, but glues and finishes well. When the wood ages it turns from golden to an orangish-red color similar to Xylay Lace or Figured Ceylon Satinwood. This is a very rare species that often contains magnificent figure! This material was cut from an exceptional log whose figure resembles Xylay lace from South East Asia or highly figured Ceylon Satinwood. There are also tight birdseyes mixed in with the fine quilting and figured grade. This is an amazing find!

This rare and very beautiful Brazilian species has a range of figure from subtle to Exhibition and Museum grade. Cut from wax sealed cants that have air dried slowly for 1-1/2 years (April 2016), pieces still may contain residual moisture. All blanks are wax sealed on ends or completely wax sealed. Enjoy working this extraordinary species!

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