Thrifty Thursday = Awesome Deals!

Thrifty Thursday = Awesome Deals!

At Cook Woods, we're on the cutting edge; whether technology, wood species, or customer service we lead the woodworking industry in our pursuit for excellence. That is why we've listened to you and lowered our UPS Rates by 30% to save you valuable shipping dollars and allow you to spend your money on what you really want - our amazing wood! We're introducing these new shipping rates just in time for our first ever "Thrifty Thursday" where you can stock up on a ton of fantastic exotic woods at a great price. AND, Father's Day is right around the corner. Why not treat yourself to some special things that you can work with on your special day?

Don't miss the other great things happening at Cook Woods. We're in the process of building our new state of the art sawmill which will produce huge slabs of specialty woods. Our progress is coming along nicely with cement pouring in by the ton this week. To celebrate this exciting time, we're offering a few specialty items that we haven't had in stock in awhile. We've obtained an exhibition grade log of Pomelle Sapele. It's here and waiting for your bar top, table top, high end furniture, or other fine woodworking projects. It's on sale for the first time June 12th. You won't want to miss it! In our kiln at the moment is a load of genuine Hawaiian Koa straight from the source. Stay tuned & check in often to find out when it's available for sale. It won't be long!

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