The History of Goldfield Burls in Australia

The History of Goldfield Burls in Australia

A product of government-sanctioned logging operations in Australia, Goldfield Burl wood is an exotic wood that can be purchased here at home.

A Goldfield Burl is a predominantly eucalyptus species and refers to any species of burl which has been harvested in the Gold Fields gold-mining region of Australia. Burl wood comes from trees that undergo stress such as injury or fungus. They grow underground and are attached to roots. Usually, they are not discovered until the tree dies.

Goldfields is a region of the Australian outback that came into existence as a result of the Australian gold rush of the 1880s. This region offers some spectacular scenery and is dotted with townships that are steeped in the history of gold production. In April 1852, when 8 tons of gold from Victoria arrived in British ports, the London Times declared that the Australian gold rush was "California all over again." They said that it was on a scale that was even larger than the gold rush of California. Immigrants from all over the world came to Australia to mine gold. As a result, it took only 10 years for the population of Australia to double.

Known as the Goldfields-Esperance region, it is the largest region in Western Australia. It covers an area that is larger than the state of Texas. Prestigious mining companies have been mining this area--and other areas of Australia--for many years. One of these companies is Gold Fields Limited. They are a South African mining company and have been operating in Western Australia for over 10 years. Exotic burl wood derives its name from this large region of Australia and is a reminder of the rich history of both the logging and gold mining industries of Australia.

Companies like Cook Woods carry available exotic woods from Goldfields such Red Mallee, Red Coolibah, Brown Mallee, Yellow Box Burl, Red Gum Burl and Grey Box Burl in popular lathe turning sizes. It is one type of wood you can have grace your home that will definitely invite interest and conversation.

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