Swiss Pear

Swiss Pear

Pyrus Communis, European Pearwood, is a beautiful finely grained wood that has an interesting past and future. Lumber is commonly steamed to bring our desirable colors such as pinks and reds. Steaming relieves stress just as in Madrona or Strawberry wood which has a strong resemblance to steamed European Pear and is sold as a less expensive alternative. Some logs have desirable "flame or curl" and produce beautiful lumber that is well suited for many uses. Straight or even grained wood is used for carving, chess men, and print blocks. Pear has also been dyed black as a substitute for ebony. "Flamed" stock is desirable for jewelry boxes, bowls, cabinets, and more. Guitars and recorders from the woodwinds can use "flamed" or fine even grained lumber interchangeably depending on the craftsman's desires. Our stock is usually kiln dried and may posses live edges.

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