Southeast Asian Rengas Tiger Turning Wood

Southeast Asian Rengas Tiger Turning Wood

Rengas, a rare and beautiful species, originates from Southeast Asia. This distinctive species shares many of the same colors and working properties of the true Dalbergia Rosewoods. It turns and takes a high polish with little effort. The wood ranges in color from warm oranges and reds to almost black streaks. The streaks are very well-defined, unlike many woods. The wood is a bit stringy on the edges when milled but sanding or scraping removes this with little effort. It is closed grained, which makes finishing very simple compared to a porous open grained species. Also known as Borneo Rosewood, these blanks are ideal for large bowls, vessels, boxes, musical instruments, and other fine articles. Material has been air dried for 1-1/2 years but is still considered freshly cut, although some blanks have lost up to 40% of their original moisture.Use proper care with this species as with all woods it may affect the skin of some users (dermatitis).This is one of our new favorites that is becoming popular quickly. We have a very limited supply of large sizes!

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