Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Exotic Wood Furniture

Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Exotic Wood Furniture

The good news is that wood is still wood, whether it comes from the French Alps or from the American Midwest. That means that any tips for cleaning exotic wood furniture are about the same that you would use on any other kind of furniture. To narrow things down a bit, here are a few ideas you should keep in mind as you prepare to make the best choices in furniture maintenance.

Use Water Sparingly

Never, ever soak wood furniture in water. Whether it’s water rings from a sweaty glass, or the residue of a damp cloth, you want to avoid letting any of these materials come into contact with your table. It is suggested that a small amount of water on a lint-free cloth can help you with your weekly dusting habits, but be careful that you really are sticking to using it sparingly. If you’re not sure, or if you paid way too much for that table to risk it, then stick to a dry cleaning cloth instead.

Vinegar Is Very Nice

Whatever you do, don’t apply straight vinegar to your wooden tabletop. The acidity could eat away at some finishes, and because it is a liquid, that means that it can also cause traditional water damage. A great way to use it well as a cleaning product is to create a homemade concoction of half white vinegar and half olive oil. If you’re using this same principle on a wood floor, you can add a cup of vinegar to your mop bucket water for some extra strength cleaning power. Although vinegar, when diluted, works well as a stain and buildup fighter, that doesn’t mean that you should use other acidic liquids such as alcohol, ammonia, or acetone. These materials are so strong that they may not only damage the wood, but they may strip any paint or finish right off.

Wax On

Giving your exotic wood that perfect sheen comes from a little wax and some elbow grease. The idea of wax that’s specific to furniture isn’t just to make it shine, but to seal and protect it from things that could damage it, such as moisture, dust, or stains. Liquid waxes go on the easiest and are fast drying. If you choose liquid wax, you’ll need to use multiple coats to make sure that the liquid is properly soaking in and protecting the wood. The other type of wax is known as a paste wax, and this is the more traditional form. For fine or exotic wood furniture, a paste wax is going to offer you a much more lasting and thorough coverage than a liquid wax will.

Water Stains

The tragedy of a water stain should be confronted as soon as possible after the event. There are several home remedies that you might try, which are usually effective if it’s only the wood finish that’s damaged, not the wood. Shaving cream applied for five minutes and whipped right off may take the stain right up. The same is true of mayonnaise. Apply it with a cloth, then wipe it off after ten minutes. Finally, the last remover recommendation is to use metal cleaner, such as would be used of fine jewelry. Leave it for five minutes and wipe away anything that remains.

Maintaining your exotic wood furniture isn’t always effortless, but if you follow these recommendations, then you can rest assured that your fine, exotic wood will retain its exceptional quality.

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