Season’s Best Maple Burl Lumber!

This is a kiln dried batch of exceptional quality wood that has been carefully surfaced on two sides. A great range of colors exist on this species from white, gold, or coral red. Individual pictures show you exactly what you are buying, so you can select according to your preferences. Live edges, bark incursions, and surface checks are present in some pieces. Most pieces have burl eyes present, these typically have some small checks in them that are visible in the pictures. Oregon Big Leaf Maple is slightly coarser than European or Eastern Hard Rock Maple and as so is somewhat harder to work. Despite this, the beauty of the wood easily overcomes any difficulties in working. It has excellent color variations that range from white to coral pink & light brown. Boards of Big Leaf Maple usually have figure & color variations; no two pieces are the same. This is another reason that Maple is such a fun wood for those who seek a creative flare in their projects.


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