Rich Red/Orange Ironwood, Exceptional Lumber

Rich Red/Orange Ironwood, Exceptional Lumber

Ceracarpis ledifolia or Mountain Mahogany (aka Ironwood) is a native wood of the American Rockies. Trees and small groves are found typically on the north side of hills and in shaded draws. Mountain Mahogany grows in similar stands to Pink Ivory in Africa in its distribution, spacing, size, and appearance. It is difficult to obtain large logs without significant defects. A log 10" in diameter is large and may only produce boards that are 12-20" long by 2-3" wide that are of good quality. The wood is dense with incredibly fine, closed grain. Due to its density, it is referred to as ironwood in some regions. Sharp hand and power tools are needed to produce a beautiful natural finish. Rich red, brown and orange colors contrast with creamy white sapwood in this extraordinary wood.

This is some of the largest Mountain Mahogany/Ironwood we have ever produced! These are exceptional sizes for this species.

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