Redheart & Holly

Redheart & Holly


Redheart: Fine, closed grain makes this Central American hardwood machine easily & finish well. The unique brilliant red color with black undertones is unusual and unmatched in other exotic hardwoods. The Mayans refer to Redheart as Chakte Koke. For best results in finishing, please use a UV inhibitor as the wood turns honey/brown when exposed to sunlight. We have had good results with keeping the red color of this wood when it is finished. Another nice aspect of this hardwood is that it is excellent for turning due to its great workability. It can be used by anyone from the beginner to the experienced wood turner. Cosmocalyx spectabilis.

Holly: American Holly produces the whitest wood of any American tree.  The tree grows to heights of up to 60 ft. and can be as large as 2-3 ft. in diameter.  Generally, Holly tends to be a rather bushy shrub that is 15-25 ft. high and has numerous branches having the appearance of a gum drop if growing in the open.  Holly is primarily used for its branches to make wreaths and sprays. Annually there are over 10,000 people employed in cutting and gathering Holly branches for manufacturers.  The fruit is consumed by wild turkeys, deer, and other birds. Wood uses include: piano keys, instrument parts, inlay, intarsia, and small parts on furniture. Lumber must be dried quickly to remain white but dried slowly enough that the boards do not check and twist.

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