Rare Pernambuco, Great Sale Price

Rare Pernambuco, Great Sale Price

Brazil wood or Pernambuco is a rare exotic hardwood that is a burnt reddish-orange color. It is noteworthy that Brazil was named after this wood due to the fact that the vivid orange and burnt red colors of the wood closely resemble the soil of Brazil. Uses include but are not limited to orange dye, stringed instrument bows, and fine boxes. This is a very stiff wood that is the wood of choice for instrument bows. A glass like finish can be obtained for stunning articles! Caselpinia echinata. We are really fortunate that we can offer this unique historic wood! We CANNOT ship this wood outside of the USA.

This material is kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.  About 10% of boards may have a minor check between 1” – 2” on one face or small sound knots up to a 1/8” on only the longest boards. Colors vary from board to board from light orange to a dark burnt orange-red with occasional dark streaks.  All boards will darken to the deeper orange and red colors when exposed to sunlight for a very short period such as 2 hrs., etc. For more information on how to bring out the deeper color, please contact us and we’ll be happy to give you detailed directions.

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