Rare Find, True Rosewood Dalbergia tucurensis

Rare Find, True Rosewood Dalbergia tucurensis

Dalbergia tucurensis isa true rosewood from equatorial America.It is also known as Coyote wood, Nicaraguan/Guatemalan Rosewood, or Granadillo.This is alittle known species thatis used for fancy boxes, humidors, boxes, picture frames, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles, and other high end applications. Tonally, the wood has a bright ringing tap tone with good sustain which makes it ideal for use in guitars and other instruments. It shares many of the same attributes that make Brazilian Rosewood such a good tonal wood. The wood works easily and has iridescent shimmer in quarter sawn stock.Colorsare usuallyevenviolet-brown to dark violet-brown with ahint of dark stripes in some boards. Please see the photo for the range of color that you can expect. The wood in this special is of exceptionally quality.It has been carefully kiln dried and surfaced on two sides.A few pieces have pin holes which produce beautiful black striping. This is very typical of true Rosewoods. There is occasional planer skip/rough surface on some boards. There is a very limited amount of this rare rosewood available. It will sell out quickly! Please call us if you need help selecting boards for your particular application and we will be happy to assist you. This wood can ship to the USA only.

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